Learn Web Development :Getting Started

Firstly, Congratulations. You’ve made a great choice of learning web development. Whether you choose it as a career option or not, but it’s definitely a subject of interest for big brains.

web development services
web development company

And since you are reading this blog, which means you have been searching things out related to this topic. You might have joined a Facebook group, subreddits, or any other online developer community. Which is undoubtedly a great place to start, and to find support on whatever your concern is.

Again, if you’ve done these things, then you’re doing great so far.

Independent of whichever background you come from, you might be wondering where to start this adventures journey of learning web development. If you’ve been googling around things like web development and all, you may feel a bit overwhelmed and confused by all the languages, frameworks, terminals and learning resources out there.

Well, you need not to worry at all. You’re not alone here. Google can either be you best friend or worst enemy, depending upon how you use it.

So, without stretching things out, lets get started.

Getting started with the end in mind

The first thing that you need to do before you start learning custom web development is to decide what you goal is, and keep it in mind.

Maybe you just want change your carrier. Maybe you have a raw idea for an app. Or maybe you just to learn it for fun.

Look, whatever your goal is, it is important for you to understand why are you doing this. As soon as you make you vision clearer, sooner you will be able to be more productive with your learning time. It will also help holding up to your work those times when you feel like giving up.

custom web application development

Always keep in mind, no matter how difficult and far away the goal may appear now, you can achieve it with your hard work and proper guidance.

Lets take the first step assuming you are a newbie and have no previous experience in the field of web development services, it’s a good idea to decide in the very beginning of the process, that whether your interest lies in back end or front end of the development. Let me briefly explain the process for you.

Frontend – this is the content which the end user see’s and interacts with on the page. In normal language, it’s all the design, fancy artworks, layout and images which collectively creates the user experience.

web development services

So, front end developers are basically visual creatives with excellent designing skills and a passion for development of accessibility and user experience. The technologies which are often involved in such web development are HTML, jQuery, JavaScript and CSS.

Backend – this is the part where developers typically processes, stores, and manipulates the data. This part basically controls the functioning of a website or application. Back – end developers are usually excellent problem solvers, logical thinkers and who are interested in the core functionality of an application or website. The roots of Back-end development is usually associated with the side server languages such as PHP, Python, and Ruby.

If you are a person who doesn’t have that flair for attractive visual designs that draws many developers to the front – end development, then you’ll probably find this decision of choosing between these two fields easier than most.

Top Web Development Companies in USA
Top Web Development Companies in USA

Either way, wherever you find your interest, it will be good for you to learn some basic HTMT and CSS. After all, if you want yourself to be able to display your work on a webpage in some kind of mildly presentable format, then your area of development is a matter of none.

Taking the baby steps, you need to head straight towards codecademy or freeCodeCamp and take their budget friendly “HTML & CSS” courses. This should give you an idea about how these technologies work and what they are all about.

Because of their interactive learning environment, it will be easier for you to understand things better and write code straight away, rather than waste time in figuring things out. Nothing in this development will build your confidence more than writing the same code again and again and giving some tests straight away.

Now if you’ve completed that job, Congratulations again! Cause you’ve started your journey as a web developer.

Its now time to sharpen your skills by practicing them. This thing may seem hard at first, reasons can be your full time job, school, college, a partner, or kids all demanding your attention and time.

The fact is- human is a creature of habits. So until and unless you make coding a part of your daily routine, you will not be able to keep it going.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that consistency is the key. It has been proven that you’ll learn much more of coding for an hour a day, rather than spending 7 hours coding on weekends.

Learning to code is nothing less than trying to become “World’s Strongest Man”

There is a truck pulling competition which held at “World’s Strongest Man” competition. Learning to code is quite similar to that. It appears to be very hard to get going at the start, and seems like an impossible task. In fact you’re just taking the baby steps.

But things get a lot more easier, once you get that truck rolling, until you find yourself running towards your target. Ok… maybe not like running! 😉

Custom Web Application Development Company
Custom Web Application Development Company

If video tutorials are most suited towards your learning style then you should also check for some HTML and CSS Courses which can be found in the format of a playlist on YouTube

A quick pinch of warning :although many online tutorials like Udemy are great, just don’t get stuck in to buying loads of useless courses. At this very rarely stage, there is actually no need to spend too much of money on learning sources when you can access a lot of amazing stuff without spending a single penny (except for your Internet charges). Another reason why you should not waste money in learning is that you probably aren’t 100% sure what you have to learn.

Amazing online communities like free code camp are providing education for the masses absolutely free of cost. And seriously, if you become a web crawler for some time and apply yourself correctly, you really don’t need to spend some serious money.

Both web development communities and web development are no discrimination zones. And because of this, there are no barriers to entry. And most of the times, the experienced members of the community are willing to help, and give their time to others.

You don’t have to be a pro in HTML or CSS before you can start building things.

I recommend you not to expertise HTML and CSS before start building things, or moving on to learning of a server side language.

You literally don’t have to spend months and months in doing tutorials only. Once you have your fundamentals clear and on your palm, you can look forward to learn as you build.

Web Application Development Companies in USA
Web Application Development Companies in USA

Frankly speaking – Templates aren’t the enemy

One more thing which I found useful while staring out is working with templates. Now don’t judge me on that only – hear me out!

Just couple of weeks after I opened my first code editor, I was able to build a quiet professional looking website for one of my relative’s business. Psst, this website was based on a $13 template, but you can choose from plenty of free options or go with the costlier ones.

I know some of you might be raising eyebrows right now at what I just said. But as a beginner, it will be easier to you to work with a code which is already well-structured or well formatting. This will also help you in building better projects and boost your confidence and enthusiasm towards web development.

Neither you’re escaping your work or working like a noob while using templates. There are my custom Web development Companies and Web Application Development Companies which are using templates on a day – to – day basis.

Custom Web Application Development Services
Custom Web Application Development Services

Remember one thing while working with templates – a template doesn’t build an amazing looking website for you, but it surely does provide a framework upon which you can work and build a fantastic website. If you ever work with product based software company then you can use different templates at the frontend of your products.

The conclusion is – you should not waste your valuable time reinventing the wheel, but instead of that concentrate on functionality of your product.


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