Web Design Vs Web Development

Now, we require to digress for a time to address a very important point that often comes up when people start talking about the importance of web development, the website design vs website development topic. Are they different? Are they the same thing?

Really, the answer is no, website design and website development are not the same, but of course, it totally depends on how you define “development” and “design”.

A portfolio is important, whether you are a designer or developer. Unlike that disclaimer you see on stock investments, previous performance is a very good indicator of the upcoming performance. A good designer and developer will showcase their experience and skill sets for future clients and employers but may use various services to do this.

Custom Web Development Services

Web Designer:

The web designer is the person or team who are responsible for the free logo design templates for the site. They might decide that it require to be an exact color, with certain pages and content. They may do things like making videos, infographics, and logos, they obviously tell the developer where these things have to be put on the website page. However, they do not take part in the making of the site or the underlying code. A web designer is responsible for the design of the car (the comfort, the layout, etc.) as well as the convenience in riding and driving in the car. Designers have their own choices to show off their ingenuity through sites like Dribble.com and Behance.com. These sites offer the ability to present designers expertise in graphic design ability, color schemes, and creativity.

Web Developer:

The website developer takes the concept of designer and makes the code that is used to turn them into a site and bring them to people like me and you. It is very important to realize that, although the web designer and developer may be the same person, there is almost every time some overlap between front-end development and design. A web developer is responsible for using several components such as wheels, engine, transmission, etc. to construct a functional car which is error-free in its technical fields. Developers will rely on GitHub.com to show their amazing repositories of programming work. It will demonstrate how well the web developer can refactor and abstract their code to be readable and elegant to other web developers.

If you want to become a designer, you won’t necessarily have to learn any code at all. Likewise, a developer does not require to have any skill of graphic design at all.

Popular Languages For Website Development

Now, it is important to realize that there is a range of various languages which are generally used for website development. As we know, back and front-end developers will require to learn various languages, while full-stack developers will require a working knowledge of all the main website development languages.


It is an important language if you want to become a front-end website developer. It tells the site what content to display and to some extent. At the top, you will see the <!DOCTYPE html> command. This describes your browser to expect HTML code.

If you explore further, you will begin to recognize contents on the page. You will see a few commands that you can understand, like video, link or image. These all are content commands which tell your web browser what to show, where to get the content, and how to display it.

It is a very simple language to learn and understand, and HTML is generally the first one learned by new coders.


It is the second essential front-end languages and is also one which each and every front-end web development company must be fluent in. It is used in conjunction with HTML. While HTML shows the web page what to display, CSS shows the web page how to display the things, it is a designing language.

Once you have learned CSS, you will be able to do a different range of things, including:

  • Changing colors. It allows changing the color of pretty more everything from your text to your background to your borders.
  • Changing fonts. CSS also lets you decide the fonts that you are going to use on your site and where you are going to use them.

CSS plays a huge role in defining what is a website developer, especially to front-end developers.


Most of the website developers take a programming language like HTML or Java and use it to build an element of a site. JavaScript developers create very specific content. Many JavaScript developers work on the front-end of a site. They create small snippets of JavaScript code that create your site interactive, responsive and attractive to your viewers. These snippets are often embedded in the HTML code for a site. Although it has been a front-end language, and one which is important for all front-end developer to learn, It is becoming very popular for back-end development as well. Many front-end developers are starting to find work as full-stack developers due to their knowledge of the JavaScript, which means that its popularity and usage is best.


We know that it has dominated definitions of a web developer. PHP is known as the language of the internet, it is used in some form on over 75% of sites. Although it is also decreasing in popularity, it is still best language for any back-end website developer to learn.

It is very simple to learn and use, which makes it very famous for new back-end developers. PHP is very famous on small sites created on platforms like wix or wordpress, and there are many freelance work opportunities for PHP developers.


The last language on our list is Java, it has been the main portion of top web development companies for years. It is an old language and is famous for different programming uses. From a website development sense, it is used to build responsive, scalable web applications which are used for responsive, fast web design.

It is an important language for most of the back-end developers. It is very easy to understand and learn, which makes it user-friendly, and it is so simple to use.


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