Top 8 Qualities of a Good Physics Tutor in Singapore

Thousands if not millions of students from all across the globe dread Physics and consider it one of the most difficult subjects in school. Just like anything else in life, you need to have the right attitude and mindset to excel in physics. KungFu Physics headed by Mr. Gabriel Tan, the most trusted physics tuition service provider in Singapore, is committed and determined to help students master physics and apply the concepts taught in class in real life by providing holistic tuition services.

Today, we will look at the qualities of a good physics tutor in Singapore. What gives Mr. Gabriel Tan an upper hand in this industry?

Educational Rockstar

The best physics tutors not only here in Singapore but also in other parts of the world have exceptional communication skills that grasp and retain the attention of their students. Mr. Gabriel Tan of KungFu Physics is witty, humorous, and confident when teaching physics. His teaching style is similar to Professor Walter Lewin whose YouTube videos have accrued more than 50 million views.

Uses Real World Examples

One of the main reasons why most students fail to score a high grade even after spending thousands of dollars on physics tuition is because some tutors merely repeat what is written in the text books. Mr. Gabriel Tan is different and uses a holistic and comprehensive teaching style to explain various concepts to students. For example, he uses analogies plucked from real world examples and daily life experiences to make physics concepts that students previous thought were difficult to understand fun.

In addition, he focuses on ideas rather than spending the whole session solving daunting mathematics questions. He strongly believes that with a firm conceptual foundation, students are better equipped to comprehend the various physics laws, equations, and formulas.

Passionate About Physics

One of the aspects that set professional physics tutors apart from the conventional tutors is that they are passionate about the subject and determined to ensure that every student who attends the sessions gets value for money and time.

A good physics tutor not only has a deep understanding of the subject, but also a burning desire to pass it on to the students. As Richard Feynman once said, “I find that teaching and the students keep life going, and I would never accept any position in which somebody has invested a happy situation for me where I don’t have to teach.”

To this day, Richard Feynman is considered an icon across the globe not because of the great scientist he was, but because he was an extraordinary teacher who guided his students to success. One of his mantras that is still relevant today is, “teach them to doubt, to think, to question, to make mistakes, to learn from their mistakes, and most important to have fun in their learning.”

Ability to Adapt Quickly to Different Situations

The best physics tutor in Singapore, Mr. Gabriel Tan, has over the years honed the ability to adapt quickly to different situations/scenarios. He listens well to what students say, focus on collaboration, and adapt to new teaching methods. His adaptability greatly helps him to come up with a teaching style that best suits the needs of the students. It also enables him to create a formidable connection with each student thereby promoting open communication and a favourable physics learning environment.


As evident from the many testimonials from his current and former students, Mr. Gabriel Tan is approachable and friendly. He is not afraid of doubts, problems, and feedback from his students. He handles challenges heads-on and always strives to understand the underlying problem each student faces before proposing a solution or making any recommendations.

This physics teaching approach greatly helps him to connect with students better during and even after they graduate.  He is also always available on WhatsApp so students are able to talk to him directly at any time of the day without any fear of intimidation.

Understand Knowledge Gaps

A student can only understand physics fully if he or she as a firm foundation in it. Missing context and information can hinder a student from scoring high a grade. A professional tutor such as Mr. Gabriel is aware of this fact and works smart to pinpoint he gaps and fill them in. He also uses his expertise to fold that new knowledge in with what the student already knows thereby helping them prepare for upcoming exams and apply the concepts taught in real life scenarios.

Concisely, filling the knowledge gaps not only enlightens the student mentally but also instils confidence by reinforcing their understanding what they had already been taught in school. Needless to say, confidence reduces anxiety and spurs greater engagement.

Precise Physics Studying Skills

Before we discuss this tip further, it is important to note that a student/tutor relationship eventually ends, so a good one sets in place productive study habits that he or she can apply in other subjects.

Mr. Gabriel Tan establishes a strong connection with every student to not only impact new information but teach them smart physics study methods and strategies that they can use moving forward. He also goes an extra mile to constantly review how well the student is doing outside of class.

Project Energy

A good physics tutor in Singapore needs to have abundant enthusiasm and energy to teach students and establish a solid relationship with them. The relationship is hinged on mutual respect, trust, and motivation. Without these three qualities, students will not be motivated enough to learn.

Mr. Gabriel Tan leads by example and always project energy into the interactions. This is clearly evident from the testimonials he gets from students, parents, and guardians.

Closing Remarks

Mr. Gabriel Tan of KungFu Physics is the go-to physics tutor in Singapore if you want to excel in physics. You will not only get a deep understanding of the concepts but also gain invaluable social and life skills that will help you excel in life. Contact us today for the best physics tuition services in Singapore.


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