How to Evaluate Your Digital Marketing Campaign

The whole digital marketing campaign practice can be tricky as every company is doing it. Many businesses are now using digital marketing tactics to raise brand awareness and boost their sales. Some work, while others fail to live up to the expectations. 

Some marketing campaigns fail, not because the wrong strategies were used during the process, but because most marketers fail to monitor the performance of their marketing campaigns. Every day, a user is forming an opinion about your brand after the interaction, and you need to be on the know-how of how your strategies and brand are performing out there.

How to Effectively Evaluate your Digital Marketing Campaign

Here are a few ways.


  • Identify and evaluate your marketing goals


Every marketing strategy you execute should have a goal if you are to draw a line between failure and success. Return on investment heavily relies on expectations, and it is impossible to measure it without concrete goals in place.

You need to determine what you want to achieve and not necessarily sales-wise.  Determine your marketing efforts in terms of time, money and more and perform a ratio calculation. This will let you know if you are still in tune with your goals and provide you with a working base.


  • Categorise your customer base


It is common to measure the success of a digital marketing campaign solely on numbers. However, you could be limiting yourself. 

Demographics are a crucial consideration when it comes to digital marketing. You need to evaluate your campaign by identifying your customer base. You can reach a broader demographic than you anticipated, which is proof that your campaign is paying off.

You can tell that your digital presence is working when your company effects are felt in every area of your business and on broader demographics.


  • Evaluate and expand your strategies


Every strategy has the likelihood of failure, and every marketer needs to know this.  Regardless of whether your digital marketing campaign worked, some areas will always need improvement. 

Consider hiring experts as they are highly qualified in analysing and evaluating marketing tactics and can help you re-strategise to meet your goals. They can also help identify the poor-performing areas and provide recommendations. 

You also need to work on expanding your marketing plan. Target a new demographic and identify the differences between it and your current one. Also, never fall into thinking that you fully understand your target audience as they can always change.

A rule of thumb is never to assume how your brand will be perceived and always test the audience before expanding.


  • Examine your digital presence


While keeping tabs on your target customers is essential, you also need to consider if you are on the right platform. Various customers are active in different social platforms.

For example, young women will likely use Pinterest than they use other platforms. Therefore, a brand that targets this group should heavily participate in this site.


  • Establish your KPI


Key Performance Indicators [KPIs] helps to gauge your overall digital marketing campaign. The metrics enable you to monitor and identify your marketing performance against your objectives and goals. 

The KPIs you need to establish for you digital marketing campaign include traffic, search engine rankings, mobile traffic, overall site traffic, returning traffic, average stay per visit, ROI, conversion rates, and traffic sources.


  • Identify and use the right analytics


Measuring and monitoring metrics is almost impossible when done manually. However, some programs and apps make the process much easier. 

Some of the most common analytics include website analytics [e.g. Google Analytics, HubSpot, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Moz etc.] SEO Analytics [e.g. Moz, HubSpot, Google analytics, Raven Tool etc.] and Social Media [ e.g. Adobe Social, Socialbakers Analytics, Hoot suite, Simply Measured etc.].


  • Assess your messaging tactics


Evaluate the kind of messages you are using in your marketing campaign. 

Evaluate if the messages resonate with your target audience, the frequency at which your materials are being shared, and the type of message performing the best.

If you are messaging strategies are positively received, your brand engagement will soar, and failure to see results means that you need to re-evaluate your strategy.


  • Determine your ROI


While calculating the exact ROI can be hard, the data at hand helps to shed light on your marketing efforts.

To track your return on investment, consider the amount invested in your campaign [finances and time] and the financial performance of the conversions.


  • Website behaviour


You can quickly evaluate the success of your digital marketing campaign by keeping an eye on your website. 

One way is through website visits.  Although not as comprehensive as other metrics such as e-commerce conversion, it is still important to evaluate. You need to determine which of your marketing strategies are bringing people to your website. 

It also helps you to keep tabs on SEO traffic to determine if your SEO efforts are paying off.

Other ways are through monitoring page views per visit, time spent on your website and bounce rates. All these will tell you how your marketing efforts are faring.


  • Through conversions


Conversions are a direct way to tell if your marketing campaign is a success. Conversions can be classified into five types:

  • Online sales
  • Online-to-store sales
  • Leads and sales from phone calls
  • Leads from live chats
  • Leads from web forms

Conversions are as a result of digital marketing that convinces customers to take the desired action. The good thing with conversions is they often translate to sales and revenues, which is the goal of every marketing campaign.


Digital marketing is a trend that is here to stay, and failure to jump on board will leave you trailing behind your competitors. A digital marketing campaign will, however, only succeed with the right measurements and analytics to ensure that the efforts are in the right track. 

Knowing the proper way to evaluate your marketing efforts will give you an easy time as you can adjust or sharpen your campaign to achieve your digital marketing goals. Hire MediaOne for all your online and digital marketing needs, they never disappoint.

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