5 Must Have Features Of A Good Helpdesk Ticketing System

A help desk trouble ticket software is the result of an end user submitting a help request via an issue tracking system, and it simply contains elements detailing the exact problem the end user is facing with a specific network component. The trouble ticket is then forwarded to the IT technician, who is responsible for addressing the issues within specific time period.

Trouble Ticket System
Trouble Ticket System 

The following 5 features of a good helpdesk ticketing system that makes the best customer support solutions stand out from the rest are as follows:

a)Self Service:

Your clients encounter problems when they’re at home or at the office staring at their computer. They have issues arise 24/7. The longer they have to wait to interact with you the longer the problem increases.

So you need to have constant availability. A help desk ticketing system have many self-service options that means customers will be able to get a wide variety of answers to their problems at all the times. FAQs and easy to use ticket submission is all vital to customers’ happiness.

b)Customer Access:

Nothing is more enraging for a customer as submitting a ticket and never receive a response or update from anyone for weeks on end. And when your customer finally get back the response is never enough for your satisfaction. They feel like they are least being taken seriously.


Some problems are not as simple as giving a standard reply. There are times when customers have some serious issues with your product or service. In this case, you want an easy way for your agents and customers to collaborate. A social networking system or chat can be helpful as it has the ability to submit screenshots or screen recordings so you are all on the same page with the problem.

d)Powerful Search:

Your team members shouldn’t have to spend all day going through pages of notes to find what they need. Nothing is worse for a dedicated customer service agent than knowing they have vital information for a customer but they just are unable to locate it. Even though everything is already in your knowledge base but you need to be able to find it.

Having powerful search engines can erase all these problems. You can type anything into the search engine and it helps to search every small inch of your entire knowledge base, including the wiki and even chats.

5. Access to Products

If your company sells more than one product then as a result, customer issues can become confusing to team members if they lack that product knowledge, especially when new ones are regularly introduced. Having instant access to a product database available through your helpdesk ticketing system can be more effective than having them spend all day memorizing the entire catalog. With the help of this, a team member can easily view the particulars of a product and walk the customer through what needs to be done to fix the issue.


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